Who we are

LegalCyborg began as the brainchild of Maren Cogapa expert in international law and finance. The venture developed on the principle of delivering a disruptive service to the law and finance industries


LegalCyborg is a revelation in the law industry. The platform has developed to provide agile, compliant, and rewarding solutions to meet expanding demand. Full legal knowledge and adaptable algorithms are all incorporated into the application to ensure a beneficial tool. The ability to offer a range of niche products tailored to specific fields also adds to the platform’s capabilities.

Our Mission

LegalCyborg aims to be a disruptive entity in both law and finance. The platform seeks to be an invaluable resource for practitioners, desiring to streamline their processes, saving time and money. Refined methodologies and algorithms continue to be the most reliable source of information, yielding competitive results – and the application capitalizes on that concept. Errors and faults minimize, and analyses and solutions amplify – workflow redefines.

Our Vision

LegalCyborg fits the vision of an ever-changing world endowed with technology. Law and finance have traditional roots – yet the planet’s diversifying population sees demand for new practices. Specialized legal and financial services are more in-demand than ever before – and require action that only a well-adjusted application can address. The platform develops around adaptability to user and client requirements at the lightning pace of global change.

Maren Cogapa

LegalCyborg Founder & CEO.

20 Years of Experience in International Law .

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