Get the market interest rates for intercompany loans in Europe and the United States immediately. 

Initiate the analysis and receive: 

  • a full and accurate draft version report in seconds, totally compliant with the international transfer pricing standards (OECD), and 
  • a Draft Contract Agreement for your Loan.


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Create in five minutes a report benchmarking the Arm´s Length nature of interest rates for intercompany loans in Europe and the United States.

The outcome of the analysis is a report compliant with the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines, that can be used either as a piece of the transfer pricing documentation or as a report to define or sustain the transfer pricing policies for intercompany loans.

The analysis is based on publicly reliable information obtained from central banks and financial institutions that considers critical factors to test market interest rates, as the region, the amount of the loan, the term and the initial and termination dates.

How Does LoanCyborg Work?

The artificial intelligence of LoanCyborg, incorporates algorithms that calculate a market interest rate range based on up-to-date and historical information. 

The platform presents the users with an easy-to-fill questionnaire that that guides you in the analysis. 

LoanCyborg will quickly return a market loan report based on its financial intelligence.

All necessary details in the machines processes is monitored by legal advisors to ensure LoanCyborg is competent in its findings and in line with current financial methodologies and transfer pricing regulations. Information searches reputable sources for financial information to yield accurate results.

The Benefits of LoanCyborg

LoanCyborg is one of the most effective tools to prepare transfer pricing documentation for intercompany loans. 

Users can expect results to return in seconds via an e-mail after completing the form. The agility that the platform operates allows users to quickly to obtain an extremely technical analysis. 

No other application is as streamlined in market-rate searches as LoanCyborg.

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