Build in seconds a formal written contractual agreement for Loans.

Order you customized contract in few minutes and receive a Draft version straight to your mailbox. 

CustomIze your contract for the following types of loans: (i) ordinary loans, (ii) subordinary loans or (iii) profit participation loans.

Create in five minutes a contract for you loans easily

Our technology will guide you in order to include all necessary clauses directly into your contract (e.g. parties, terms of the contract, kind of loan, repayment methodology, etc.). 

As we know, every contract agreement has to be fine-tuned, in case you would need the final version of the Contract, we will send it to you in MSWord version. 

How Does LoanContractor Work?

LoanContractor is a tool developed over the technology of LegalCyborg. 

In order to start the process you would need to complete an easy data gathering form, that will serve to obtain all the information that would be necessary to a customized and accurate contract. 

The artificial intelligence of LoanContractor, will select the clauses that will suit the better you specific case. 


All necessary details in the machines processes are monitored by legal advisors with years of experience in the financial law field, to ensure that LoanContractor is the best solution to you.

If you need to continuously prepare and monitor the contractual terms with you clients or associate entities, we would be happy to present you our technology to prepare and manage all your contracts.

You will be surprised of our competitive prices.