DAC6CYBORG is an online  service that tests Cross Border Arrangements under the European Union’s DAC6-directive.

DAC6CYBORG ensures that your company complies with the DAC6 Directive by testing if the Arrangements are Reportable and providing documentation support for Tax Audits. 

 DAC6CYBORG analyzes for you any Cross Border Arrangements under the European Union’s DAC6 Directive providing an accurate report about the reportability of the Arrangement.

Individuals, businesses and tax professionals should test Cross Border Arrangements potentially reportable to the Tax Authorities of one or several EU Member States.

 DAC6CYBORG allow users to swiftly test the Arrangement, obtaining a comprehensive report that shows (i) whether the report should be Reported and (ii) the reasons about why it should (or not) be reported. 

How Does DAC6CYBORG Work?

DAC6CYBORG guide the users through a comprehensive and intuitive questionnaire about the Cross-Border Arrangement and then, the algorithms of DAC6CYBORG will generate a report with the conclusions.

All returned papers will help to coordinate the tax compliance of your organization to satisfy the EU’s reporting requirements. Every detail is checked against the platform’s database to ensure compliance. Should there be any complications or queries about the cross-border tax arrangements or DAC6 in general – Legal Cyborg experts will assist you in the matter.

The Benefits of DAC6CYBORG

DAC6CYBORG ensures that your company or firm complies with the DAC6 Directive, building a documentation package that will serve to (i) Understand if the an Arrangement is Reportable under the DAC6 Directive, (ii) communicate the conclusion to the counterparties of the Arrangement, and (iii) for maintaining a documentation support that will serve to defend the position of your company in case of Tax Audit. 

LegalCyborg’s professionals will help you with any queries along the way.

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