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LegalCyborg is the most competent and dedicated asset to addressing your legal needs. The AI is well-versed in a variety of law fields to assist practitioners in their day-to-day needs.

Disrupting the way we practice law!

LegalCyborg sets the standards for the future of law practice. Instantly accessible and rife with functionality, it is a valuable tool for streamlining legal processes with minimal hassle. The configurations can adapt to several law categories with a plethora of options to tailor to client requirements. The AI will minimize error, reduce administrative times, and synchronize with your current practice standards.
LegalCyborg delivers.

LegalCyborg is adept in the following offerings:

International Tax

The AI has an intricate understanding of international tax laws, frequently updated to stay in tune with any rapidly changing legislations. Legal solutions for global tax have never been so fast and efficient.


LegalCyborg is in constant sync with compliance laws. The AI will generate documentation and understand the most recent changes in any category of compliance.

Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing can be a labyrinth of legal documentation to navigate. LegalCyborg’s intelligent algorithms can make sense of the rules and methods of transaction pricing, and maintain an equilibrium with regulations.


Immigration law varies to a great degree. LegalCyborg taps into its vast database of immigration legislation to divulge palatable documentation relevant to the client.


LegalCyborg is a lucrative assistant in resolving legal matters. The AI streamlines complex variables and client requests into proficient documentation.

Commercial Law

Businesses and organizations require a meticulous touch to their legal requirements. Legal Cyborg provides the level of detail that goes above and beyond expectations.

LegalCyborg. Enter The New Era Of Legal Service

The age of reference to books, complex legislation and lengthy deliveries is over. LegalCyborg processes the legislation outputting legal analyses based on mathematical algorisms. Never falter in your legal practice with our highly accurate assistant making sense of cases – in parallel with the desired client outcomes. The AI’s adaptability ensures a thorough analysis of the legal case at hand. Conclusions are drawn through perceptive algorithms, allowing for quick decision-making prowess. The capability and resource pool within the brain of LegalCyborg delivers a new era of law – highly proficient and effective in its field.


Do you suffer lengthy and routinely processes in your daily activity that drain the time and the energy of your team?, just try one of our tools and imagine the capabilities of our technology, we will furnish you with a tool to transform your processes in a blink.

LoanCyborg by LegalCyborg

LoanCyborg® is a technological platform developed by LegalCyborg®, that through an objective analysis, derives a range of interest rates agreed in open market conditions by independent counterparties.
LoanCyborg® gathers the fact patters of the loan to be analyzed through a friendly and straightforward questionnaire populated and submitted by the User, and subsequently the platform email-issues a well supported full report comprehending an interest rate market rage for the loan, as requested by user.

DAC6CYBORG by LegalCyborg

DAC6CYBORG is an online legal service developed by LegalCyborg, that executes an objective analysis about the reportability of a Cross-Border Arrangement connected to the European Union under the DAC6 Directive (for Tax intermediaries and Taxpayers).
The user will be astonished by the accuracy of the analysis. A full report is automatically issued indicating:

We can customize our analysis for you with your logo, company layouts and standardized texts, or we can build new analyses for you based on your technical area of expertise.

No matter how complex the legal matter could be we can have it standardized and industrialized!

Maren Cogapa

LegalCyborg Founder & CEO.

20 Years of Experience in Legal and International Tax Advisory.

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